The original #pizzagate, 2004, Arsenal vs Manchester United & goalkeeper David Seaman

Brilliant guys exposing the mocking by the frauds who controlled the fiction, but these raw facts are Nonfiction.

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 4.28.08 PM.png


For a few more. The Pizzagate football match also called, ‘Battle Of The Buffet’ = 66.
Manchester United’s manager at the time was Alex Ferguson. An Arsenal player flung a slice of pizza at Ferguson, hence the dubbing, ‘Pizzagate’.
‘Alex Ferguson’ = 66s. Just like ‘Thirty Three’ = 66.

In simple English, ‘Alex Ferguson’ = 143 / 57.
The whole English Football child sex abuse story, kicked off after a former Crewe Alexandra player told his story of abuse. His name was. ‘Andy Woodward’ = 143 / 57 ( Just like Alex Ferguson ) 🙂 .

Some links if wanna read for yaselves …

Pizzagate, 10 years on:

Battle Of The Buffet:

English Football Child Sex Abuse Scandal:


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